It’s been about 3 months since I lost my job and to be honest I’m feeling pretty good about life at the moment. I’m working a ton, but I’m also dedicating time each and every day to the Youtube Channel/Community and that’s something I couldn’t do when I held a public job. Now, this doesn’t mean that life doesn’t come with a bit of sacrifice these days, but sacrifice doesn’t always have to equal unhappiness.


I got my first job when I was around 15 years old. Believe it or not I picked corn every morning for $5 an hour for a friend of our family. I’ve never stopped working since that day. I’m one of the rare breed of people in the world that really enjoys working and earning a wage. My parents fell on hard times when I was around 19 years old so I dropped out of College, got a job on a hog farm, and literally gave all my money to them each month so we could pay our bills. I remember my Dad saying, “Bills come due once a month” and that’s something I’ve never forgotten.

I’m now in my mid-30’s and he was right. Every month the grind of paying bills comes around and, no matter what, you need the money in the bank to cover them all. So how am I still able to pay the bills now that I’m making less money than before and still have time to create videos for Youtube?


I spent the very first day of living in my new apartment decreasing my debt structure. Decreasing my debt keeps me from having to work as much which allows me more time to create videos for the Youtube Channel. Let’s take a look at my debt structure and then we’ll talk about some of the changes.


Rent – $622.00
Renter’s Insurance – $20.00
Car Insurance – $99.00
Internet – $120.00
Website Hosting – $12.00
Food – $100.00
Laundry – $0.00
Electricity – $80.00
Gas – $10.00
Fun – $0.00
Game – $65.00
Savings and Misc. – $100.00
Total – $1.228.00


Rent – $622.00
Renter’s Insurance – $20.00
Car Insurance – $43.00
Internet – $60.00
Website Hosting – $12.00
Food – $35.00
Laundry – $5.00
Electricity – $45.00
Gas – $10.00
Fun – $0.00
Game – $0.00
Savings and Misc. – $0.00
Total – $852.00


I was able to decrease the amount of my car insurance fairly easy by calling my insurance agent and renegotiating my coverage. I have a 2002 Lincoln LS so if I were to wreck it I wouldn’t get that much for it anyway so carrying the large amount of coverage is not worth it for the price.


I cut my Internet bill in half by simply getting rid of the cable portion of the service. I spend most of my time watching Youtube videos or streaming Netflix so this was an easy decision.


Food was probably the toughest for me to cut but it had to be done. I’m used to eating about 4-5 times per day with a fairly heavy emphasis on eating healthy. $35 per month isn’t a lot of money to eat with on a monthly basis but grab a 20lb of rice and some tuna and you’re good to go. I buy tuna for $.78 a can at my local grocer and a 20lbs of rice is only $8-$10. Now I limit myself to eating only 1 meal a day comprised of 1 cup of rice and 1 can of tuna.


Electricity/Laundry was another simple fix because my apartment does not have washer/dryer hookups so I save a ton of money there each month by doing my laundry using my on-site apartment’s facility. Another thing I did to control my electricity bill was to unplug everything from the wall outlets that were pulling unnecessary power such as the refrigerator. I also flip certain breakers to the “off” position when I’m not using them. This includes things like the air conditioning and hot water heater.


I usually try and buy one “New” game per month and cover it for the channel, but with my finances being so tight that’s simply not possible at the moment. I was able to get Dark Souls III because it was gifted to me by L1Gaming and his family. Uncharted 4 was purchased by an Amazon Gift Card I got around Christmas time. Going forward I’ll just have to play older games that I already own or free games off of PSN/LIVE until I can increase my budget again.


I’m not able to stick any money back these days in my savings account. Every single dollar I earn goes straight to paying the bills.


I still need roughly the same amount ($850) per month to pay the bills. Sure I’ve added a couple of bucks to my food budget and decreased in some other areas but overall nothing’s changed. I’ll continue to run this budget until I can increase my income.


I could easily make more money but that would come at the expense of working for someone else. They would dictate when I come and go, get time off, etc. and that’s just not a position I want to put myself in after what just happened at my last job. The trick is to decrease my debt so I don’t have to work as much. I don’t actually want to make more money… I just want to make videos for youtube so if that means I got to eat tuna and rice everyday, well… that’s an easy decision. 🙂