Moving is never easy. Moving can take a toll on the mind and the body, not to mention it occupies so much of your time. Now, in my case, I’m physically moving to a new apartment but the same could apply whether you’re moving on from a relationship, making the jump from middle school to high school, or even getting married. The amount of thought that goes into “moving on” can be more complex that you might think.


On Saturday, March 26th, one of my best friends came over to help me move my furniture. Our goal was to move the big and heavy furniture into a storage unit that I had rented earlier in the week. This created a bit of an issue because this meant that I would have to move twice, once to storage and once to my new place. This dilemma was created by the fact that I had to be out of my old apartment on the 31st of March, stay in a temporary show apartment from April 1st-7th, then move into my new apartment on April 7th. This extremely crazy moving schedule left me needing a place to store my belongings until my final move could be made. Initially I had factored in renting a storage unit for around $60.00 but because I had to rent it for the end of March and the month of April it ended up costing me a little over $200.00. Let me explain…

My friend works pretty hard during the week so moving on the weekend was the only option for getting my furniture out of the apartment by March 31st. I knew that if I could get all my big and heavy furniture in storage by the end of the weekend I could move the smaller items in my car (Lincoln LS) during the last week of March. The smaller items mainly consisted of my video game collection, clothes, and entertainment set-up. So why the extra $140.00? Well, I wanted to get a storage unit that was close to my apartment to conserve time and gas because we only had one shot at making this part of the move happen. My friend was helping me for free so the last thing I wanted to do was waste his time or run out all his gas, after all it was his truck that was hauling all my furniture. I was lucky enough to find a storage facility less than 1 mile from my apartment but I had to pay full price for the month of March and April because they didn’t allow my bill to be prorated. So even though I’m only using the storage space for around 20 days I had to pay for a full 60 days. Like I said, moving is never easy…


As you can imagine, now that all my furniture had been packed away, I was left with no bed, no chairs, and no couch which meant the floor and I were going to be good friends for the next week. I still had a pillow and some cover but nothing to serve as a cushion which led to some restless nights. Every morning, when I woke up, my back would ache for a couple of hours until I was able to move around a bit to work out the stiffness. To be honest I often tried to avoid going to bed just because I dreaded it so much. It was a very miserable week.

On top of not getting much sleep I still had to move the rest of my stuff to the storage unit and clean the apartment. Lucky for me, I kept the place pretty clean so it didn’t take long to give each room a good once over. As far as my belongings were concerned I was able to pack and move everything in about two days. I think the lack of sleep was my biggest hurdle.


No matter how much you plan, you’ll never be able to predict what’ll happen when you make moves in life. I had no idea that I would end up spending that extra money nor did I consider having to sleep on the floor for a week, but it could’ve been worse. In my case time was the biggest issue, but for you it could be something entirely different. Remember, planning to make moves in life is not the same as predicting the future of the moves you make. The truth is you have no idea what breaking up with a girlfriend or boyfriend might do to you. You have no idea how your life will change when you move away from home to go to College. You have no idea what living with someone feels like until you moved in with them.

My point is simple… moving is never easy but that doesn’t give you a reason to stand still.