Welcome to my Personal Play of Bastion! This series centers around my blind experience with this game. I have to be honest, until I played it, I knew very little about it other than the trailers of course. I’ve also added in a contest for those of you who wish to compete. With all that said, I hope you enjoy the run.

Name of Game: Bastion
Developer: Supergiant Games
Release: 2011
Genre: Action Adventure, Role-Playing

The game takes place in the aftermath of the Calamity, a catastrophic event that suddenly fractured the city of Caelondia as well as the surrounding areas of the game’s world into many floating pieces, disrupting its ecology and reducing most of its people to ash. Players take control of the Kid, a silent protagonist who awakens on one of the few remaining pieces of the old world and sets off for the eponymous Bastion, where everyone was supposed to go in troubled times.



Answer all the questions below for a chance to win a $20 Gift Card of your choice!

Episode 01: The Distillery and the Arsenal are located in what part of town?

Episode 02: What game does Bastion remind me of?

Episode 03: What number do you get if you add up all my shots fired?

Episode 04: What could Gershal do when he was younger?

Episode 05: What is the name of the game's currency?

Episode 06: Where do I have to stay to kill all the enemies quickly?

Episode 07: What kind of proposition is air travel?

Episode 08: How many people have been turned to ash?

Episode 09: Where was I hoping to drop off Pyth the Bull?

Episode 10: What happens to my controller during this episode?

Episode 11: What movie am I referencing when I say “what's in the box?”

Episode 12: How many times do people normally work on the walls?

Episode 13: Who will be “missed?”

Episode 14: What classic NES video game do I reference in the episode?

Episode 15: What other game cuts away to a dramatic song rather unexpectedly?

Episode 16: What do I keep looking for?

Episode 17: What's my prize for placing first?

Episode 18: How many wiffs of Lunglblossom does it take to make you lose your mind?

Episode 19: What happened to the health potion?

Episode 20: What tactic do I use to kill multiple enemies at once?

Episode 21: What's the first word the narrator says after I fire the gun for the first time?

Episode 22: Black Rye's like what on a cold day?

Episode 23: When the two of them escaped, where did the go?

Episode 24: What "fell right into our hands?"

Episode 25: What's wrong with Mt. Zand?

Episode 26: What do I call Wherewhisky mode?

Episode 27: What's the name of my new song?

Episode 28: What do I see loom large on the horizon?

Episode 29: What aspect of the Battering Ram do I "like?"

Episode 30: What's my new rule?

Fill in your name and contact email below to submit your answers. You can give your real name or an alias. Once the contest has officially ended an announcement video will be made an added to the end of this playlist (Episode 31). Watch this video to see if you won! If you are revealed to be the winner, I will personally contact you to set up arrangements to give you the $20 Gift Card. Good luck!

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