Welcome to my Personal Play for Dark Souls III. This is a Blind Run of the game full of questions, deaths, critiques, and much more! If you enjoy this sort of playthrough then stick around and enjoy the adventure with me.

Name of Game: Dark Souls III
Developer: From Software
Release: 2016
Genre: Action, Role-Playing

Set in the Kingdom of Lothric, a bell has rung to send a sign that the First Flame, responsible for prolonging the Age of Fire, is dying out. The Age of Fire is a period where, upon death, one rises from a bonfire and continues a long, unnatural life. Some, however, see this as a curse, in that the living never earn a time to rest. As the First Flame begins to die out, the Age of Fire diminishes as the Age of Dark approaches. As has been done many times before, the Age of Fire can be prolonged with the linking of the fires, a ritual in which great lords and heroes sacrifice their souls to kindle the First Flame. When the bell rings, the Lords of Cinder abandon their thrones rather than linking the fires and an undead warrior known as the Ashen One rises and takes on the responsibility of preventing an oncoming apocalypse brought about by the endless conflict between fire and dark. In order to link the flame, the Ashen One must return four other previous Lords of Cinder, heroes who have linked the flame across aeons, back to their thrones in the Firelink Shrine.

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