A 100% playthrough (e.g. all stars and cards) of Evoland by Hex7CD.

Name of Game: Evoland
Developer: Shiro Games
Release: 2013
Genre: Action Adventure, RPG


Evoland is based on the concept of tracing the evolution of video games. When the player begins his or her adventure there are only two colours, big, simple pixels and a 2D character. Through the adventure, the player gradually unlocks new graphics, new technologies and new gameplay until reaching the HD age and a three dimensional world. This evolution in-game of video game history is punctuated by many references to classic role-playing games and movies.

The game alternates between A-RPG phases and Active Time Battles. The character moves in a world made of dungeons, caverns, forests and villages full of NPCs. In addition to completing the story mode, players can also attempt to find hidden stars and cards that are scattered around the game world.


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