Welcome to my Trophy & Achievement Guide for Max Payne 3. This guide is designed to help you get all the Trophies & Achievements that you’re having issues with. I hope you enjoy and if you have any questions please let me know.

Name of Game: Max Payne 3
Developer: Rockstar Studios
Release: 2012
Genre: Third Person Shooter, Action

Nine years after the events of the second game, Max Payne has been dismissed from the NYPD and spends his days at a bar in Hoboken, New Jersey, nursing his alcoholism and an addiction to painkillers. One night, a man named Raul Passos approaches Max and offers him a new job, which Max turns down. Later, during a drunken argument, Max kills the son of local mob boss Anthony DeMarco, who puts a price on his head. After killing most of DeMarco’s gang with Passos’ help, Max decides to leave his old life behind, taking Passos’ job offer as a private security contractor in South America.

Max and Passos work for the wealthy Branco family in São Paulo, consisting of three brothers: Rodrigo, a real-estate mogul; Victor, a local politician who aspires to be the city’s next mayor; and Marcelo, a hard-partying socialite. At a private party, Max saves Rodrigo and his young wife Fabiana from an attempted kidnapping by members of the Comando Sombra, a favela street gang. A few nights later, as Max escorts Fabiana and her friends to a nightclub, the gang strikes again, successfully kidnapping Fabiana and demanding a ransom of $3 million. Max and Passos deliver the ransom to a local football stadium to make the exchange, but the deal is interrupted by the Crachá Preto, an outlaw, right-wing paramilitary unit, who kill the Comando Sombra and steal the money. After escaping the stadium, Max and Passos raid a Comando Sombra base along the Tiete river to rescue Fabiana, but are unable to prevent the gang’s leader, Serrano, from escaping with her. After they report their failure to the Brancos, Victor suggests they rely on Armando Becker and his special police unit Unidade de Forças Especiais (UFE) to oversee Fabiana’s safe return. Victor, Passos, Marcelo and Becker leave via helicopter, moments before the Crachá Preto abruptly raid the Branco offices.

A week later in Bahia, Max finds out that the remains of Becker’s UFE battalion has been dissolved due to their ties to the illegal organ harvesting ring, while Victor is found dead, hanged in his prison cell. Finally having attained some solace, Max walks into the sunset.

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