Welcome to my achievement/trophy guides for Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst. Join me as I take control of Faith and parkour my way across the city of Glass!

Name of Game: Mirror’s Edge Catalyst
Developer: EA Dice
Release: 2016
Genre: First-person action game, action-adventure, platformer


Years before the events of Catalyst, Faith Connors’ family was killed during the November riots against the ruling corporations, with her parents, scientists Martin and Erika shot dead and her sister Cat apparently suffocating from a gas grenade tossed into a vent, through which the girls were trying to escape. In the prologue to the game, as told by the tie-in comics Mirror’s Edge: Exordium, Faith, now a Runner, began to work on the side for black market boss Dogen, after he promised her a drawing by her late mother. She was to retrieve a vaccine prototype for Dogen by stealing it from fellow Runner Celeste (who stole it herself). After finding that Celeste intended to use the vaccine to cure her sister, Faith surrendered to K-Sec personnel in remorse. Dogen uses his influence within the city to reduce her sentence to one year in juvie.

In the present day, Faith is released from prison and meets up with fellow runner Icarus, as well as Runner cabal leader Noah, who raised Faith after the death of her parents. Dogen reminds Faith that she owes him “scrip” for the botched vaccine job and the money he had to spend to help commute her sentence. During a data grab inside the headquarters of Elysium, Faith diverges from her orders and also retrieves a valuable hard drive, but is seen by Gabriel Kruger, CEO of Kruger Security. She manages to escape, intending to use the drive’s contents to pay off her debt to Dogen. Noah is angry at Faith for involving herself with Kruger, but tells her that she needs to know what is inside the drive in order to bargain with it. Faith takes the drive to Plastic, a talented hacker, who tells her the drive contains blueprints for a top-secret project known as “Reflection”.

Meanwhile, K-Sec cracks down hard on the Runners because of Faith’s actions at Elysium headquarters. While Icarus and Faith are away, they lead a raid on the Runners’ lair and capture or kill everyone present. Faith and Icarus, believing Noah to be dead upon returning and having nowhere to go, turn to Rebecca Thane, leader of Black November, a militant resistance movement bent on destroying the Conglomerate by force. Thane explains that Faith’s parents, herself and Noah once belonged to the same group, but broke apart because Thane believed there was no peaceful way to overthrow the corporations. Black November rebels, assisted by the Runner duo, sets up an ambush to capture a high-ranking K-Sec commander, whom they intend to trade for their own captured soldiers. The mission is a success and it turns out that the captured officer is Isabel Kruger, daughter and also personal bodyguard of Gabriel Kruger.


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