Welcome to my Personal Play/Contest for Red Dead Redemption. During the run of the game I’m conducting a contest which revolves around you answering questions contained in each episode. The one who answers the most questions correctly will win the prize package!


Name of Game: Red Dead Redemption
Developer: Rockstar San Diego
Release: 2010
Genre: Action-adventure

Red Dead Redemption is a third-person, open world, western, action-adventure game, in which players control John Marston. Players interact with the environment and engage in combat with enemies, using various firearms. Different breeds of horses are the main forms of transportation, each with different attributes. These horses must be tamed in order to use them. Marston can utilize trains to get from place to place quickly, but he can also stop the train by threatening or killing the passengers or driver. The game’s undeveloped land makes up the largest portion of the game world, featuring various rugged and vast landscapes with occasional travelers, bandits, and wildlife. Urban settlements range from isolated farmhouses to crowded towns. Besides the American West, the player can also traverse a fictional Mexican state bordering the United States.

1. You do not have to like this video
2. You do not have to favorite this video
3. You do not have to subscribe to the channel
4. Simply watch the series, answer as many questions as you can, and enjoy the show!

All answers must be in no later than 7 days after the last Episode of this Personal Play ends. Any submissions after that day will forfeit the contest.

Email me at

A. You get to personally choose the next game I play
B. You get to issues 3 specific challenges for me to complete
C. You will be featured in all the videos I create for your Personal Play
D. You will be awarded $1 for every correct answer and a bonus of $20 if you get every answer correct.

***Remember all money will be awarded with a gift card (PSN, XBL, Steam, etc)

Try and pick a game that you think would be interesting for the entire community if possible. Again, it’s your choice so I will play whatever you like… this is just a suggestion. 🙂

If you have any additional questions please leave a comment and I’ll be sure to answer them as quick as possible.

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