This is a full walkthrough/playthrough of Remember Me on Memory Hunter difficulty.  There is full commentary as well as my opinions and assessments of the game sprinkled throughout.  Hope you enjoy!

Name of Game: Remember Me
Developer: Dontnod Entertainment
Release: 2013
Genre: Third-person action-adventure


Neo-Paris 2084: Personal memories can now be digitized, bought, sold and traded. The latest forms of privacy and intimacy have been swept away in favor of what appears to be the logical evolution of the explosion of social networks, which began in the early 21st century. Citizens themselves have accepted this surveillance society in exchange for the comfort that only intelligent technology could offer. This trade memory gives immense power over the whole of society to a handful of individuals. Remember Me™ is an action-adventure game in the third person where players embody Nilin, a former elite memory hunter that has the ability to enter the minds of people to steal or even alter their memories. The authorities, alarmed by her knowledge and abilities, have Nilin arrested and erased her memory. Having escaped from prison, Nilin goes in search of her identity, helped by her last and only friend. In the footsteps of her past, she will be hunted by the people responsible for this surveillance society.


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