My friend, Kat, and I play the Resident Evil 6 campaign! This is a blind playthrough, so we get to be surprised along with the viewers. Complete with dual commentary.

Name of Game: Resident Evil 6
Developer: Capcom
Release: 2012
Genre: Survival Horror, Third-person Action-Adventure


The game takes place over a period of at least six months from December 2012 to June 2013, over fifteen years after the US Government’s destruction of Raccoon City, and takes place in various places around the world.

Leon & Helena:

In the United States – President Adam Benford is about to “come clean” over the incident in Raccoon City in a seminar at Ivy University, Tall Oaks, when he himself mutated into a zombie during a surprise bioterror attack led by an unknown organization. A man at the university guides Leon S. Kennedy and his partner, Helena Harper, through the campus in the search for his missing daughter, Liz.

Chris & Piers:

After the deaths of a number of soldiers under Chris’ command at least six months prior in Edonia (The actual date being December 24, 2012). Chris left the BSAA and became a drunken wreck, before being convinced by Piers Nivans to come back and finish his mission to end bioterrorism, Chris reluctantly returns to the organization.

Chris Redfield and the BSAA – including Piers – are soon after sent into a war-torn China, around the coastal Chinese city of Lanshiang.

Sherry & Jake:

Jake Muller, a mercenary of the fictional South-Slavic Edonian Liberation Army flees from the authorities during a bio-terrorist attack. There he partners up with Division of Security Operations (DSO) agent and Raccoon City survivor Sherry Birkin, who needs Jake because of his rare antibodies that could lead to an antidote for the C-Virus. Jake agrees, but only if he receives $50 million in return.

Ada Wong:

Ada’s campaign is unlocked following the completion of the 3 main campaigns and is the only campaign to feature solo play.


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