Those of you who know me, well, you understand that I’m not comfortable talking about death. It’s the toughest thing in the world for me to do, but some things have to be spoken so I’ll give this my best shot.

One of my friends, Steven Miyake, recently passed away of cancer. It came as a shock to me because even though I knew he was hospitalized, all reports seem to indicate he was on the mend. In fact the last couple of pictures I saw of him he was smiling, eating lobster, and was up and walking again. Then yesterday morning I got a call from my brother and the bad news came.

Apparently, the cancer came back on strong and according to the doctors he was only given around a 5% chance of surviving. This 5% came at the price of getting through another round of Chemotherapy and I think most of us would’ve taken that 5%. Even a small percentage is better than nothing, right? I mean, what would you do in that situation? I think most of us would take that chance, but not Steven.  He decided to go home instead, spend time with his family, take in some fresh air. No tubes, no hospital bed, no monitoring devices… no 5%.

Kind of reminds me of the movie “300.” The enemy is pounding at the gates and the odds are stacked against the brave 300 yet they fought as if they were 3 Million. Simply put… some people stand and face the enemy, others take the 5%.



 “Steven, you are the strongest person I’ve ever known and I miss you already. You went out with shield and sword in hand my friend and even though the arrows blackened the sun you stood your ground and just like the brave 300 you will be remembered forever.”